Our daughter goes to Little London Montessori and we are having a wonderful year at this school. The teachers are very caring and nurturing and provide quality education and experiences to the children. LLM is very supportive of the community and families in Elk Grove. My daughter loves everything about LLM, she is happy to be here. Every time we happen to drive by the school my daughter gets excited and says, “look it’s my school!”

          – Stephanie C.

Our son went to Little London several years ago. ( He is 11 now!). It was a great experience for him, as well as for us. He loved going to school and learned so much. He was motivated to do good work and to have have a positive outlook on learning. He also was taught to respect and listen to the teachers in a kind and loving way. The system they have really got him ready for elementary school and even now, he continues to excel in the class and with his peers. This is all due to the solid foundation and experience he received at Little London.  -

          – Steve and Suzette N.

My daughter went to LLM for two (2) years – Pre-School and Kindergarten. She is now in third grade and still insists that LLM is her favorite school and that she misses it terribly. It is a wonderful, peaceful, safe and supportive environment for any child. I HIGHLY recommend this school to any parent wanting their child to enjoy learning, playing and creative exploration;-)

          – Tammy K.

All three of my children went to LLM! It is a nurturing, fun, stimulating environment which is run by a staff who TRULY care about your child! My two oldest are in college now and my youngest is a 7th grader, and we still talk about what a fantastic “start” LLM gave them into their academic world. My friends whose kids did not attend a Montessori environment have a devil of a time at homework time. The Montessori program teaches PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for your work! WE love LOVE Little London Montessori!! And so convenient too!

          – Julie C.

My older two children attended Little London Montessori preschool and kindergarten a number of years ago.  They both had a wonderful experience there.  I always felt it was a warm and loving environment, yet was educationally excellent as well.  My kids still remember the great songs, the terrific field trips and all of the fun they had there.   This school is particularly strong on teaching reading skills.  I would highly recommend this school to anyone.

                    – Kim T

My son has been a student of Little London for about two years and will be well prepared to go on to Kindergarten this Fall.  I can’t say enough about the teachers and the way they really stand behind the principle of teaching the child at their own pace.  They provide a fun and nurturing environment.  The communication from school to home is excellent.   I am also an overprotective parent, and I would recommend Little London Montessori School to anyone looking for the best learning experience you can provide for your child.

          – Azure C

Our daughter attended Little London for two years. She loved it! She is in first grade now and still talks about missing Little London and the teachers there. It was hard to drop off my daughter at a new place for the first time, and like all parents, I was nervous. However, nervousness quickly went away when I saw how much she was learning, how happy she was to be there, and how very safe I felt she was while she was there. The supervision and guidance is consistent, loving, and firm. The atmosphere is calm and kind. It is an extremely enriching environment celebrating diversity and teaching a broad range of perspectives and styles. We loved Little London and recommend to anyone looking for care and education for their children. It’s not day care, it’s a school.

          – Jenny K

My daughter went to Little London, and I was very pleased! I’m definately one of those over protective parents. Originally I was hesitant about even considering Little london because it looks like a house, but inside the floor plan is very open, also the owner is one of the teachers who are there everyday. By the time my daughter started Kinder she was off to a good start on reading and writing. They care for the kids a great deal and are very easy to talk to.

          – Vanessa A