Serving our community for over 30 years, Little London is a Montessori preschool that enriches children through not only using Montessori methods in the classroom, but also in the personal interactions that occur every day.  The children are nurtured with kindness and respect which in turn creates a whole environment where they are able to thrive and grow.

Little London Montessori is a non-sectarian, private, independent and non-discriminatory school.

A Statement of Our Philosophy

Our program is tailored to meet the needs of each student. We are constantly evolving and changing our activities to encourage independence in each child.

Our objectives are to help the child develop autonomy as a learner, to have comfortable and productive peer relations, to learn those basic skills and concepts necessary for intellectual development, to be aware of and to organize his environment in terms of himself, to establish for the child effective learning strategies an to kindle an excitement for learning.

We need parents encouragement and cooperation. The school and the home can be extensions of one another.

We feel, as teachers, that we grow, change and learn along with our pupils. Teaching is not a nine to five job. If a full-time vocation. To be sensitive to the needs of each child,to prepare materials based on the understanding of those needs, to know the materials and activities available, and to approach each child with love and understanding-these are the basic qualities of the teacher.

Our school is a community of mind and spirit.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our school.